Five home automation ideas

Five home automation ideas

A home automation system allows you to automate many everyday functions. It makes life simple, easier, and enjoyable.

Home automation is not a luxury and need not be confined to the rich and the wealthy, or the movies. With a reliable home automation Melbourne service, you can experience automated home functions at affordable rates.

01. Intuitive Lighting

• Lights switch off automatically if the room remains vacant for a specified period of time.

• Lights switch on in the walkway when motion is detected during nights. Brightness is set to be enough to guide the person who is up to use the toilet or for a midnight snack, in the right direction.

• Garden lighting programmed to be on after sunset and off after sunrise.

02. Automated Water Systems

• Faucets that switch on when you wash your hands and shut off after moving hands away

• Programme your sprinklers to spray water according to weather conditions so you avoid watering plants during the rainy season.

03. Smart Entertainment

• Dim the lights in your room, have the curtains closed, switch on the AC, pull out your recliner, and lock your room door, all automatically with a single press of a button, as you sit down to enjoy your favourite movie.

• Your TV tuned to your favourite channel automatically after detecting your arrival from office or outing through the opening of your garage door.

04. Enhanced Security

• Wireless home surveillance cameras help you monitor your home when you are away from work. Particularly helpful if you have children or elderly loved ones.
• Automate your TV to show the visitor at the door ringing the bell when watching your TV. You can also automate the action of opening the door for your visitor from where you are.
• If your security system detects an unwanted entry, have the doors locked automatically and the lights in every room glow brightly.

05. Automating Other Daily Activities

• Get alerts on your mobile device regarding overflowing trash; open garage door; medicine intake; changing your water purification filter, etc.

• Program your doors to be locked automatically after a specified period of time, or after a specific action such as the closing of garage doors; this is helpful in case you forget to lock doors after leaving for office.  

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