Experience the Luxury of Automation

Experience the Luxury of Automation

The homeowner and builder of the luxury property displayed above approached FM Home Technologies to have an automation system installed. We employed Somfy Blinds and Omni-Bus controls as part of automation.

The result was a highly efficient automation and an exceptionally fine outcome, experienced by the client on a daily basis. The client was immensely happy with the final results and our expertise.

The ease with which Somfy Blinds integrated into the existing building layout, and the ease of use of Omni-Bus impressed our client. We also integrated all key automation activities into Snap-Link iPad app of the client, and had it fit on an easily accessible docking station.

This setup earned us great points as the client was an avid iPad user. It was very easy to control all automation aspects of the home, including security, access to main entrance and garage door, lighting arrangements, and Hi-Fi 2 audio system operation.

The client was able to dispatch automation instructions within 15 minutes and control all home automation aspects.

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