We Offer Automation Design Assistance Services

We Offer Automation Design Assistance Services

FM Home Technologies can assist you in designing automation systems for your customers. We can help you by creating automation system layout, building bills of materials, and suggesting appropriate mesh network, according to your customers’ requirements.

Our automation experts will study requirements furnished by you, and create a design assistance package accordingly.

Presented here, for starters, is information on how Lumina Gateway – an automation system for commercial applications – can add great value to your project. Lumina Gateway is a powerful and cost-efficient automation system featuring new additions such as sensors, thermostats, touchscreens, load and light controls, cloud dashboard and apps.

Lumina Gateway is easy to install and operate, and is adaptable to businesses of any size, from a one-location entity to an enterprise covering multiple locations.

Easy Installation for Single or Multiple Locations

Lumina Gateway enables you to create a network of wireless devices in a matter of minutes. Choose the location and position for wireless devices and get them connected to enable automation. You can automate activities in response to tasks (opening of a store), or based on timing schedules (e.g. 8PM daily), using the safe and reliable Leviton Cloud Services.

You can modify instructions accessing web-based applications on a computer or tablet. You can also add a new device to the required location through a smartphone app.

Create a Seamless Network of Sensors and Controls

Installing devices such as sensors, thermostats, and RF wall boxes for light or load control, is simple. A powerful mesh network can be established for automation using these efficient devices. Moreover, new devices can be added easily on-demand.

Remote Configuration Capability

Add a new automation capability based on tasks and schedules using web-based tools. Remote control capability enables installers to remotely manage tasks using PCs and tablets. So, fitting in new sensor requirements or timing adjustments is no more difficult or impossible; do it from where ever you are!

Automate Multiple Functions Easily

Activate automation using Leviton Cloud Services from a PC or tablet, easily: set the location, list authorised users, define areas to be controlled, name other devices in the network, define tasks for automation and set automation timing schedules.

Easy Automation across Multiple Locations

Leviton Cloud Services enables you to create a master schedule and control automation of different activities such as lighting, thermostat functioning, and power load maintenance, across multiple locations, on designated days. Define the settings, and with a few clicks, your automation across properties is established. Notifications and alerts are sent to authorised personnel.

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