Quality Ducted Vacuum
Systems Dandenong.

Your search for the best-ducted vacuum cleaners in Dandenong ends with Maxvac.

Your one stop shop for keeping your home or office clean.

Ducted Vacuums Dandenong.

Maxvac offers a range of powerful, reliable and efficient ducted vacuum systems in Dandenong that are easy to install and user-friendly. We have been supplying our powerful ducted vacuum cleaners to commercial and domestic clients for years. As Melbourne’s leading manufacturer of ducted vacuums, we offer quality products and unmatched customer service. 

Years of Experience

Quality Ducted Vacuum Systems in Dandenong.

With years of experience designing and manufacturing powerful ducted vacuums, we assure you of exceeding your expectations. Our ducted vacuum cleaners offer superlative performance and efficient cleaning. What’s more, our vacuum systems rely on cutting-edge filtration methods to offer the highest levels of filtration. 

We provide the complete package

One-Stop-Shop for Ducted Vacuums in Dandenong.

Whether you are looking for a bagless, bagged or hybrid ducted vacuum cleaner in Dandenong, we can supply and install the right system to suit your requirements. We provide the complete package including ducted vacuum systems, ducted vacuum kits, ducted vacuum hoses, ducted vacuum bags and ducted vacuum accessories.


Ducted Vacuum Cleaner Repairs in Dandenong.

We also provide servicing for your ducted vacuum cleaner of any brand including Maxvac, Beam, Premierclean, Valet, Electron and Beam. With an extensive inventory of ducted vacuum parts, we can service and repair all leading makes and models of ducted vacuum systems efficiently and effectively.

Why Choose Maxvac?

Why Get a Maxvac Ducted Vacuum for Your Home in Dandenong?

Relief from allergies – Our powerful ducted vacuum cleaners rely on fine filtration technology to remove the minutest particle from your home, which provides a huge relief for those with dust allergies or asthma.

Easy to use – Our ducted vacuums are very easy to use. A ducted vacuum cleaner is cordless and comes equipped with inlet vaults that are placed across the home. These vaults are powerful yet quiet, which makes vacuum cleaning hassle-free and convenient.

Easy to store – Modern ducted vacuum systems are very easy to store. In fact, they don’t take a lot of access space either. That’s one of the biggest benefits of choosing a ducted vaccum for your Dandenong home

Hassle-free cleaning – Simply pull up the hose from its inlet point and begin cleaning the room. No clunky motor to carry around or filter bags to worry about.

Contact Maxvac for the Best Ducted Vacuums in Dandenong.

Your search for the best-ducted vacuum cleaners in Dandenong ends with Maxvac. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in ducted vacuum systems and we can help you choose the right solution. Get in touch with us today for expert advice and a quote. 

Ducted Vacuums Dandenong

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