Program Leviton devices faster with Decora app

Program Leviton devices faster with Decora app

Any tradies that install smart home and home automation devices will now be able to save time by programming them with a handy app for smartphones and tablets.

Powered by Bluetooth technology, the free Decora Digital Controls app will allow you to quickly and easily program Leviton devices without the fuss of small dials that you need to fiddle with, counting flashing lights and waste your precious time reading the instruction sheet from back to front.

Search the App Store or Google Play store for the Decora Digital Dimmer & Timer and download the app to your smart phone or tablet and use it to setup devices or make any changes in minutes.

decora-digital-appSome of the changes you can make to the device using this app are as follows.

  • Change the Bulb Type
  • Change the Fade On and Off rates
  • Set the Minimum and Maximu light levels
  • Set the preset light level
  • Turn the Dim/Bright Bar On or Off


Using the app you can also schedule events in a few simple steps.

  • Select event type: On/Off
  • Select event time:
    decora-digital-app-on-at-sunseta. Sunset/Sunrise (built in astronomical clock)
    b. Specific time
  • Program event(s) days:
    – weekdays, weekends or any day of the week
  • Select brightness level (dimmer only)


Not only can you as the tradie use this app to setup the device, the client can also download the app to their smartphone or tablet and manage the device themselves.