A guide to setting up the right Home Theatre for you.

A guide to setting up the right Home Theatre for you.

Home theatre systems can transform the way you watch movies or listen to music. A powerful equipment delivers a highly realistic experience. An unwise choice of equipment can however destroy your expectations.

It is important to be knowledgeable of the kind of TV and speakers that would work for your setting. It is equally important to choose a reliable Melbourne Home Theatre & AV Company dealing in reputed brands to be assured of quality and performance.

Analyse your Media and Installation Needs

Assessing your needs is important to decide where most of the money should go. If you are more into music, then a high quality speaker is where most of your budget should go. If you are an avid movie-watcher, focus more on video components.

If you have a dedicated media room set for the system, consider buying high-end display and audio to experience maximum movie and music effect.

Selecting the Right Display

For a superior viewing experience, a 40” display is the minimum you should consider, if the system is going to be installed in a limited space. In case of a large room, a display of 50” or more should give best results.

Ensure that your display screen matches your audio quality. If you have a high-end speaker system, but a small display, you’ll have a superior sound experience, but the viewing experience will be less than satisfactory.

Consider room lighting conditions as well when buying a display. If you like watching movies in dim or dark conditions, a plasma TV would be ideal given its deeper-colour-display feature. LED and LCD models work for a brighter environment.

Consider Buying Pre-Built Home Theatre Audio Systems

These pre-packaged products include all components that make for an efficient audio system. Popularly referred to as the 5.1 system, this set comprises 5 speakers and a single subwoofer. Of the 5 speakers, two are floor-standing speakers, a pair for rear surround sound effect, and the last is a centre channel speaker.

For a high-end audio experience, there is the 7.1 system, which comes with two more speakers. Pre-built systems give the advantage of convenience and cost-efficiency. They are easy to install as well.

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