A guide to maintaining your ducted vacuum system

A guide to maintaining your ducted vacuum system

Ducted vacuum systems are an ideal choice if you are looking for a cleaning device that offers more than the regular portable vacuum cleaner. With a ducted vacuum system, you can clean almost anything – carpets, furniture, automotive interiors, home/office indoors, and outdoor spaces like verandas, and indoor accessories like curtains and blinds.

Ducted vacuum systems aim to remove pollutants such as dust and pollen from the room or area where it is used. The equipment is built to be stationary. So, you won’t be moving the power unit as you would with standard vacuum cleaning machines. As a result, you have less weight to handle, more convenience to move around, and negligible noise.

Dirt collectors too are located elsewhere and are connected to the main unit through PVC pipes. Inlet tubes are installed at appropriate locations indoors. All you need to do is attach a hose to the inlet tubes and watch the machine in action.

But, to operate to their manufactured efficiency, ducted vacuum systems need to be maintained properly. Here are some ways to ensure that your machine lasts long and works to its potential:

  • Understand the warranty conditions accompanying your product. Generally, warranty applies to damage caused by manufacturing defects, defective materials, and faulty workmanship.

Damage caused by misuse and lack of maintenance is not covered under warranty.

  • Keep the area around power unit motor clean. Crowding this area with items causes the motor to reduce its cooling power. This results in the motor getting overheated, which can reduce motor life.
  • Using multiple inlets simultaneously reduces cleaning efficiency. The flow of air is reduced when multiple inlets are put to use at the same time. Adequate airflow is essential to remove stubborn dirt and other pollutants.
  • When you detach the hose from the inlet after a cleaning task, hold the inlet open for some time. This ensures that the machine is completely switched off. In addition, it also releases any remnant dust or dirt in the duct.
  • Avoid cleaning liquids with your ducted vacuum device. Remnant liquid in the duct leads to serious motor damage. This amounts to machine damage by misuse and therefore is not covered under warranty.

Other forbidden dirt includes brick or concrete powder, plaster dust and talcum powder.

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