Control Lighting with Voice Commands

Control Lighting with Voice Commands

Voice control for lighting – controlling lighting conditions in your home with simple voice commands – is the current popular trend in home automation. Catering to this rising popularity of voice control system, Leviton has devised a comprehensive and affordable solution in the field.

Named Decora® Z-Wave®, the lighting control product line by Leviton is designed to work in association with Amazon Echo and Samsung SmartThings™ Hub, to control lighting. With this combination, you can deliver voice commands to switch lights on or off, dim or brighten automatically, or customise according to occasions such as parties, movie-viewing, etc.

The control is not limited to lighting. Samsung SmartThings™ Hub is compatible with Fire TV, Amazon Echo, Amazon Tap and Echo Dot®. Using this compatibility, you can deliver voice commands through any of the above devices to any device (e.g. fans, lamps and appliances) connected to Leviton outlet.

What else is Possible with Leviton?

Create the right light setting for every occasion automatically with Leviton Z-Wave®. You can also easily:

  • Activate specific lighting functions on performing a task. For example, lights can be turned on if the front door opens
  • Give voice commands to adjust lighting as required using Alexa voice service on Amazon Echo. Thus, a simple, “Alexa, switch on the lights in the dining room,” will get your work done.

Eliminate the need to operate your lights manually with Leviton Z-Wave®. These devices work with a range of other compatible devices, employing advanced technology, to enable automation of different functions, including controlling appliances and regulating motor loads.

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