How to choose a Valet servicing company?

How to choose a Valet servicing company?

Valet ducted vacuum cleaning systems are well-known for their performance. If your Valet vacuum is giving you troubles, consider hiring a reliable Valet servicing expert to get your system back in form.

With many service providers crowding the market with the cheapest repair deals, it can be tempting to go for the seemingly most beneficial service. But, be cautious of such services, for you may end up spending more than you expected to.

Consider these important aspects when choosing a Valet servicing expert.

Get Down to Action

It may be easier to run to your local repair shop to have your Valet repaired. But, it always pays to be patient and do your research. Get in touch with your social contacts and seek recommendations.

While referrals are a starting point, avoid following them blindly. Re-check recommended services against other factors mentioned below, to ensure that your Valet system is in reliable hands.

Look at the Experience

A Valet servicing company with several years of experience in handling the equipment is better than its unexperienced counterparts. Service providers with more experience have worked on many Valet ducted vacuum systems, and are therefore up-to-date with existing and changing models, and their functioning.

More experience also means that the service provider is abreast of changes within the repair industry itself. This translates into a quality repair service using the latest in equipment and methods, for your Valet system.

Check for Professionalism

A professional company offers the assurance of a reliable service. In other words, it gives the best value for your money. Such a service is identifiable by the following factors:

  • Licensed technicians to repair Valet systems
  • Professional appearance, punctual reporting, and strict adherence to deadlines
  • Latest repair equipment and methods
  • Fully insured technicians
  • A responsible customer service
  • Positive customer feedback
  • A willingness to provide customer referrals and quality certifications
  • A willingness to answer client questions   

We are Valet Servicing Experts

FM Home Technologies is a Valet servicing company with expert technicians having 40 years of combined experience. Our technicians possess solid knowledge of Valet ducted vacuum systems. We are qualified to carry out periodic maintenance as well as repair of Valet systems.

We are also well-equipped to repair older Valet models – VM1200 and Valet VM2000. Our experts can also offer guidance in choosing the right Valet ducted vacuum model if you want to replace your existing model, considering your requirements and budget priorities.

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